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Buhl Memorabilia

Buy A Buhl Planetarium Memorial Plaque

CLICK HERE - Buhl radiometer
CLICK HERE - Icarus Day T-shirt
CLICK HERE - 1986 Robot Olympics T-shirt
CLICK HERE - Real Live Robots T-shirt
CLICK HERE - Spatter T-shirt
CLICK HERE - Buhl Experience
CLICK HERE - Junior Scientist T-shirt
CLICK HERE - Hands-On experience
CLICK HERE - Real Live Robots materials and info

CLICK HERE - Buhl Robots makes local newspaper
CLICK HERE - Science and Engineering Fair poster
CLICK HERE - Lunar Sample certificate
CLICK HERE - Science Award pins
CLICK HERE - Buhl coffee mug
CLICK HERE - School Science Fair
CLICK HERE - Star Console
CLICK HERE - Twenty Two Year pocket calendar - FRONT
CLICK HERE - Twenty Two Year pocket calendar - BACK
CLICK HERE - plan-uh-TAIR-ee-mm ... Famous Five

CLICK HERE - MURDER in the planetarium!
CLICK HERE - 50th Year pin
CLICK HERE - School Science Fair pin - FRONT
CLICK HERE - School Science Fair pin - BACK
CLICK HERE - Buhl pin collection
CLICK HERE - Science Fair robot event ribbon
CLICK HERE - Pittsburgh is our home. We like it here . . .
CLICK HERE - Buhl 50th Anniversary pin
CLICK HERE - Lives Touched - Front Cover . . .
CLICK HERE - Lives Touched - Dedication

CLICK HERE - One of Buhl's first computers
CLICK HERE - Buhl Library Book identification label
CLICK HERE - An example the kinds of rare and first edition books from Buhl's library

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