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Donated Photos - Info taken from hand written comments on the photo backs
or self explainatory descriptions of image.

CLICK HERE - Main Gallery, Giftshop. Operations assistant in foreground.
CLICK HERE - East staircase leading from Mezzanine to main gallery.
CLICK HERE - Mezzanine Gallery
CLICK HERE - The Right Moves exhibit area - Angular Momentum
CLICK HERE - The Right Moves exhibit area - Batter Up
CLICK HERE - The Right Moves exhibit area - Pitching Cage
CLICK HERE - The Right Moves exhibit area - Northwest corner
CLICK HERE - The Right Moves exhibit area - Zoetrope
CLICK HERE - The Right Moves exhibit area - facing South
CLICK HERE - The Right Moves exhibit area - facing North
CLICK HERE - Recycling - Crushed VS uncrushed beverage cans

CLICK HERE - Francis Graham, east Pittsburgh - July 7th, 1982
CLICK HERE - Lee madden, William Moser at Solstice Day at Buhl, June 21 1986
CLICK HERE - Taken May 26th 1985 10" Siderostat
CLICK HERE - Zeiss mark II projector at Buhl Planetarium June 1981
CLICK HERE - Francis Graham and Apollo TV camera at Buhl Planetarium
CLICK HERE - Prof Steven Shulik adjusts Solar Hot Air Baloon at Buhl, August 25, 1984
CLICK HERE - Zeiss Model II projector October 1981
CLICK HERE - Oil Painting by Francis Graham with Halley's Comet at 10" Siderostat at Buhl
CLICK HERE - Francis Graham at Buhl's Library January 1987
CLICK HERE - Old Fecker Optical Co. 3 1/2inch Reflector once owned by Lee Madden
CLICK HERE - Buhl Aides, May 25, 1984 at Siderstat Telescope. Left To Right; Unknown, Norm Downey, Vance Pierce
CLICK HERE - Aug 25, 1984 - President Barton Levenson of Tripoli and The Mean Machine outside Buhl
CLICK HERE - Rehearsal fot the play "There's A Message For You From The Man In The Moon" Buhl Planetarium June 1981. If CAPA takes over Buhl, this scene will be commonplace.
CLICK HERE - Buhl's Focault Pendulum Pit January 1987
CLICK HERE - Francis Graham teaching at Buhl Planetarium, with Fecker 2 1/2 inch.
CLICK HERE - Mazur Telescope at Buhl Science Center (little science theater) September 24, 1983
CLICK HERE - Lunar Eclipse July 6th, 1982
CLICK HERE - August 25, 1984 - Tripoli Exhibit at Buhl Science Center. Left to Right; Theresa Marie Palmer, Dale Amon - Pgh L5 Society President, Paul J. Oles - Director of Planetarium
CLICK HERE - Focault Pendulum support, Buhl Science Center March 1987
CLICK HERE - Kathryn Kuhlman Graham operating ion rocket at Buhl Planetarium Science Fair, 1980

CLICK HERE - Seawater Sampling with a Nansen Bottle
CLICK HERE - E.G. Canali with Reversing Thermometer of Nansen Seawater Sampling Bottle, Dec. 1980
CLICK HERE - Kathy K. helping with an experiment in the Little Science Theater
CLICK HERE - Theater of the Stars
CLICK HERE - Theater of the Stars, another angle
CLICK HERE - View of Zeiss II from behind control console
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